How to Change Brush Size in Photoshop

Brush size is important in your work in Photoshop. It is something you will absolutely need to know how to use if you will be using Photoshop. The good thing is that anyone can learn how to use it, as it’s simple even for a beginner. 

This tool is easy to use, and once you know how it’s hard to forget. I am going to include some useful keyboard shortcuts and multiple methods!

I have over five years of Adobe Photoshop experience and am Adobe Photoshop certified. In this article, I’ll teach you how to change the brush size in Adobe Photoshop. 

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Key Takeaways

  • The brush tool is essential for any Photoshop project.
  • The brush tool will help you to be precise in your work. 

3 Ways to Change the Brush Size in Photoshop

You can change the brush size from the brush preset panel, use the mouse, or keyboard shortcut. 

Method 1: With the brush size preset panel

Before we begin, locate the Brush tool, located on the left-hand menu bar. Or you can activate it using the B key. 

Step 1: The sliders in the Brush Preset Panel can be used to alter your brush size. There are two areas where you can access this panel. When the Brush Tool (B) is in use, the first option is in the upper settings bar. 

You can quickly make manual adjustments or write in precise values by opening this panel and moving the Size slider. 

Method 2: With Mouse

Step 1: Whether you use a Mac or PC will have some subtle differences with this method. Option + Control + Click & Drag Horizontally is the shortcut for this action on a Mac. The shortcut on a PC is Alt + Right Click Horizontal Drag.

Using this shortcut, the brush will enlarge as you drag to the left. The size of the brush will decrease by dragging to the right. Although it requires some memorization of shortcuts, this is one of the quickest ways to alter the brush size while you’re working.

The same shortcut can be used to modify the brush feather. To alter the brush’s softness, drag it up or down rather than left or right. Using this shortcut, you may quickly determine how your brush will seem depending on the red highlight that emerges.

Method 3: Change Brush Size Keyboard Shortcut

Although you cannot alter the brush’s feather using this method, adjusting the brush size is a good way to swiftly scale your brush. You may quickly increase or reduce the size of any brush in Photoshop by using the [ and ] keys on your keyboard. 

You can scale enormous amounts with less effort if you hold down either of these keys, which will make things even simpler.

And those are the three different ways to change the size of the brush tool! Easy, right? 

Bonus Tips

  • Remember always to save your work always!
  • Play around with the other tools such as “feathering” next to the brush size. 

Final Thoughts

As you find one way that may work better for you, I do suggest playing around with the different ways. It will come in handy to know multiple methods of changing the brush sizing. 

Any questions about the Brush size in Photoshop? Leave a comment and let me know.

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